The Hidden Hurdle: My Journey Through the Twitter Shadowban Maze
Opening the Veil: A Twitter User’s Struggle and Discovery

Dianne B. Zee
3 min readNov 9, 2023


In the bustling city square of Twitter, where every voice competes for attention, there comes a time when your tweets fall into silence — a phenomenon known as the shadowban. This digital conundrum led me on a quest for answers, ultimately bringing me to Circleboom, a beacon of light in the fog of social media visibility. Allow me to share my story, a narrative of unraveling the mystery and rediscovering authenticity in the world of tweets.

The Veiled Silence: Understanding Twitter’s Shadowban

Twitter Shadowban Test

A shadowban on Twitter is akin to having a gag in a crowded room. Your words echo, but the world remains oblivious. The reasons behind this digital silence range from innocent algorithmic quirks to inadvertent rule violations, leaving you with a muted presence on one of the world’s most prominent platforms.

The Unveiling: How Circleboom Sheds Light on Your Twitter Presence

With curiosity as my guide, I turned to Circleboom’s Twitter Shadowban Tester — a tool promising to unveil the truth about my account’s visibility. This user-friendly detective for my Twitter mystery illuminated the invisible barriers holding my tweets back from my followers.

Step-by-Step: Uncovering the Hidden

  1. Entering the Gateway: I signed into Circleboom, a third-party service that felt like a beacon of hope for my Twitter account’s predicament.
  2. The Detection Process: Navigating to the “Search Menu,” I clicked on “Shadowban Tester,” on the brink of a breakthrough.
  3. The Revelation: Typing in my username, I held my breath. There it was — proof that my account was shadowbanned, a revelation paving the way for change.

Sidestepping Twitter’s Shadows: Tips to Maintain Visibility

To avoid the invisible snare of shadowbans, I learned to tweet judiciously. Embracing authentic interactions and ditching repetitive hashtags and promotional jargon, I found a balance — being both seen and heard without triggering the silent alarm of the shadowban.

Concluding Thoughts: My Narrative of Clarity and Change

This journey isn’t just about overcoming a digital obstacle; it’s about finding clarity amidst confusion. My engagement stats are climbing again, but more importantly, my Twitter journey has become richer, shaped by understanding and adjustments. Let my story be a beacon for you, urging you to embrace tools like Circleboom with strategy and awareness, and always let your voice resonate authentically across the social media landscape.

Postscript: A Resource That Illuminated My Path

In my quest to decipher Twitter’s intricacies, I found a guiding light — a resource introducing me to Circleboom and helping me navigate through the haze of shadowbanning. I share it here, hoping it will offer you the same clarity and direction it did for me:



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