The Best 15 Instagram Grid Mockup Templates for Your Instagram Feed!

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Instagram Grid Mockups

I don’t know who gets the idea first to split images into 9 or more on Instagram, but this is definitely a nice hack! You can shock and surprise your followers with Instagram grid mockup templates!

If it is hard to find what to post on Instagram for you, Instagram grid layouts are perfect options! You can pour your creativity into your Instagram grid templates, use multiple pictures in one feed and enrich your Instagram game!

You will be shocked when you see how many designs there are regarding the Instagram grids. You can find different kinds of amazing Instagram Grid and Puzzle feed layouts and re-design them as you wish!

I created a list of the best 15 Instagram Grid feed templates that you can use to enrich your Instagram profile.

Let’s check them out!

Best Instagram Grid Layout Templates on Canva

Are you ready to entertain your Instagram followers with these amazing Instagram grid layouts?

Let’s start!

#1 Natural Pastel Aesthetic

Natural Pastel Aesthetic

The magic of this grid layout is that you will post pictures that capture aesthetics from different angles of different objects.

And these pictures will include yours as well! You will equalize your natural beauty with these ones that come from nature, history and art.

#2 White Simple Beauty Collage

White Simple Beauty Collage

This grid layout takes its power from the process! You are not only cutting images into pieces but also time!

Perfection comes from not being a perfectionist! You do not look so professional in those pictures, but neutrality levels things up! I think this is one of the best Canva Instagram grid layouts.

#3 Travel Memories

Travel Memories

Travels awaken immortal feelings in us. Let’s make them immortal with these amazing Instagram grid layouts.

“Travel Memories” Instagram Grid templates follow the rhythm of one photo of yours and one photo of where you traveled. These natural beauties, city landscapes, and historical architecture complete your feelings for them!

#4 Minimal Polaroid Multiple Photo Collage

Minimal Polaroid Multiple Photo Collage

Some pictures don’t need a definition but others will get different meanings with every perspective.

You can design your Instagram feed with Polaroid Photo Collage and create an Instagram grid layout with an image and a definition of it. They don’t mean their literal explanation but your interpretations.

#5 Colorful Sale

Colorful Sale

Are you on Instagram for business? You know, Instagram is a perfect place to make money and you can sell on Instagram without a website!

This “Colorful Sale” Instagram grid is a perfect layout to display your products and services along with your logo!

If you are a fashion designer, don’t miss the chance to exhibit your works with Instagram Grids! You have the opportunity to show multiple products in one post!

#6 Earthy Golden Ratio

#6 Earthy Golden Ratio

How about splitting your image into 9 and putting the most important piece at the golden point?

Bring the focus on you and get the attention of your multiple images into one post! Earthy Golden Ratio Instagram Grid enables users to create amazing puzzle layouts by cutting their pictures into multiple ones!

#7 Coming Soon Promotion

Coming Soon Promotion

Are you going to announce something very soon? You think Instagram is the platform for it but you don’t know how to do it!

Finding the perfect Instagram grid layout may help you a bit. You can announce your wedding, birthday party, graduation or anything else with relevant pictures on one side and ‘soon’ images on the other.

#8 Moodboard


Do you think that sometimes your moods resemble some moments of nature?

I think this frequently and find similarities between my feelings and the swings of leaves of a tree. However, I never thought of reflecting this with images in one Instagram grid layout!

Moodboard offers an opportunity to display the grift structure of our lives and mother nature. Black and white, peace and anger, love and hostility can be compressed into one post with 4 images!

#9 Photo Camera

Photo Camera

Bring your images to the Instagram atmosphere as if they have been taken by a photo camera.

Wait! Of course, they are taken by the camera, aren’t they?

The “Photo Camera” grid layout brings back the authenticity of paper photography in a selfie format.

#10 Open Announcement

Open Announcement

Instead of only saying “we are open” on social media, you can embellish your announcement with a couple of nice photographs of your store and services in one Instagram grid layout.

“Open Announcement” is a great way of marketing start on Instagram for businesses that are looking for a warm beginning with their potential customers.

#11 Terracotta


Express your daily life with the tones of red in a multi-image Instagram Terracotta grid layout.

This could be a good example if you are a blogger who shares artwork.

#12 Black & White Vintage Fashion

Black & White Vintage Fashion

Black & White is a timeless trend for aesthetics. You can create a Black & White Instagram grid layout with your special photographs and design your feed with iconic posts.

If you are a fashion designer, model, or seller, you can use this Instagram grid layout with relevant hashtags and increase your visitors and sales.

#13 Game Puzzle

Game Puzzle

Social media loves games!

You can get more likes and comments for your Instagram posts with Instagram puzzle feed layouts and you can come up with amazing ideas to show off your design skills and arouse curiosity among your followers.

#14 Inspirational Feed

Inspirational Feed

We don’t think in a linear way. If our thoughts in a minute can be painted, it will be the drawing of chaos!

But tranquility can come from the chaos! Our choices make the path clear. Creating an inspirational Instagram grid with your daily images and also well-designed shots helps people tame their chaos inside!

#15 My Vision Board

My Vision Board

Lastly, I want to introduce an Instagram grid feed example that reflects our photo galleries on our phones.

An image of our last travel along with a memory of yesterday’s shopping and also a photograph that we sent to our closest friend to check our drawing etc. A mess has its own harmony and you can create a social media post from it by designing an Instagram grid layout.

Now you know the best 15 Instagram grid and puzzle layout examples. Still, you need to know one thing: Where to find them!

Circleboom Publish is a full-fledged social media management tool that helps you manage your multiple Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google Business Profile accounts in one dashboard!

Circleboom has amazing built-in extensions and one of them is Canva. You can find all these 15 Instagram grid templates and more on Canva and design them as you wish!

Plus, you can find images on Unsplash and Giphy integrations and auto-generate Instagram captions for your grid and puzzle feed layouts with ChatGPT integration!

Circleboom Publish — Instagram Post Planner

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On Circleboom’s smart dashboard, you can easily turn your own images into 3x3 and 3x4 Instagram grid posts in a second!

You can follow these steps to create Instagram grid posts from your own images:

Step#1: Log in to Circleboom Publish with your account.

If you don’t already have a Circleboom account, you can get one in seconds for free!

Circleboom login

Step#2: If this is your first time using Circleboom Publish, you will see several options for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile.

To proceed, select the Instagram option. Circleboom Publish allows you to add and manage multiple Instagram accounts.

Circleboom dashboard

Step#3: After adding your Instagram account(s) to Circleboom Publish, navigate to the left side and select “Instagram Specific & Reels Post.”

You will select your Instagram account(s).

Step#4: Instagram-specific post allows you to create 3x3 and 3x4 grid posts. Also, you can make Instagram panorama posts. Plus, it is possible to create and schedule Instagram Reels.

Let’s select the 3x3 Image grid option for now.

Instagram grid options

Step#5: You can choose images from your devices. Or, you can connect your Google Photos account and take pictures from there.

Alternatively, you can curate and design photos from built-in tools: Unsplash and Canva.

Cut your images into 9

Step#6: As the last step, you should add captions, hashtags, and emojis to your Instagram grid posts. Instagram hashtag generator helps you find the most relevant hashtags for your images.

You can also schedule the first comment for your Instagram posts in advance. This way, you will have more space for your hashtags, description, and links. Lastly, you can publish your image grid immediately or schedule it for a later time.

If you want to know how your image grids will look on Instagram, here it is

You can also watch a video guide to find out more details on how to create Instagram grid images on Circleboom:

Wrapping Up

Instagram grid layouts increase the time I spend on a post. That is a positive parameter for your Instagram profile and you can grow your Instagram accounts with these amazing Instagram grid mockups and puzzle layout examples.

Circleboom Publish provides amazing tools and features to help you create, design, share, and schedule various Instagram posts. You will have access to Canva when you subscribe to Circleboom and utilize its amazing Instagram grid mockup templates.

You can benefit from amazing Circleboom tools and features at affordable prices.

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