Let’s find out how to schedule LinkedIn polls!

Dianne B. Zee
3 min readOct 13, 2022


Schedule polls on LinkedIn
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Do you know how to schedule your LinkedIn polls?

Maybe you don’t even know that scheduling polls is not possible!

But, with Circleboom Publish, you can schedule LinkedIn polls for your multiple LinkedIn Profiles and Company Pages at once!


Let’s find out the necessary steps to create, desing and schedule polls on LinkedIn:

Step#1: Visit Circleboom and sign in to your Publish account.

Step#2: You can select your LinkedIn Company Pages and LinkedIn Profiles. On Circleboom, you may manage several LinkedIn profiles and make your own LinkedIn polls.

Step#3: On the left, click “Create LinkedIn Specific Post or Poll.”

LinkedIn polls

Step#4: A screen for creating polls will appear. Select your LinkedIn Profile(s) and/or Company Pages.

Manage multiple LinkedIn accounts

Step#5: Next, change the post type to “LinkedIn Poll.”

Step#6: You create your LinkedIn poll in this step. Write down your query first. You have 140 characters for the poll question.

Add your potential responses next. It can range from two to four. The character limit for each choice is 30. You will also decide how long the poll will last. One day, three days, one week, or two weeks are possible.

Create your LinkedIn poll

Bonus: You can take the first comment as you are creating your LinkedIn poll. This will give you more space to explain yourself and use keywords to attract people’s attention.

First comment option on LinkedIn

Step#7 You have the option to publish your completed LinkedIn poll right away or to schedule it for a later date.

Alternately, you can add to your queue and schedule automated intervals for your LinkedIn poll. Alternately, you can “draft” your poll and save it to return to it later.

Schedule your polls on LinkedIn

La Fin

Scheduling LinkedIn polls is a unique feature of Circleboom that will save you time and energy to program your thoughts for the future.

You will enjoy other features with Circleboom Publish at affordable prices.



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