I get new followers on Twitter on a daily basis. How can I send an automatic welcome to my new followers?

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Twitter new followers

It is fantastic to get new followers on Twitter daily. But, you should keep it in mind that if you get new followers on a daily basis, you can miss some of the notifications among many new follower ones!

So, if you want to send auto dms to new followers, first of all you should be able to get alerted every time when you get new followers.

Missing notifications for new followers on Twitter is a frequent issue. Sometimes, Twitter fails to send notifications for new followers, and other times, these notifications get lost among others. However, this issue is now a thing of the past!

With Circleboom’s latest “Who Followed Me” feature, users can easily keep track of new followers on Twitter. Additionally, they can receive daily notifications as they gain new followers, ensuring they stay updated and engaged.

How? Let’s find out:

How to check new followers on Twitter with Circleboom

You should follow these steps:

Step #1: To begin, navigate to Circleboom Twitter and sign in using your active email address.

If you don’t already have a Circleboom account, you can easily create one in just a few moments!

Circleboom Twitter login

Step #2: Next, proceed by authorizing Circleboom Twitter to access your Twitter account by signing in.

This will link your Twitter account to the Circleboom dashboard, allowing you to see who has unfollowed you on Twitter.

Connect with Twitter

Step #3: Navigate to the left and open up the menu. See the “Followers” tab there.

Here, you will see the “Who Followed Me/ New Followers Alert” option. Click on it and navigate.

New Follower Alert

Step #4: You can see who followed you on Twitter in a given period of time.

You can see a time range from the last day to the last year.

New Followers

You can export your new or all followers into Excel with Circleboom!

You can also “set a new follower alert” on Twitter and receive an immediate notification when someone follows you!

New Follower Alert

You can get daily or monthly emails.

Daily or Monthly notifications

Now, it is time to learn how to auto dm these new followers on Twitter!

How to Send Auto DMs on Twitter

Sending automated direct messages (DMs) on Twitter can significantly enhance engagement, especially for businesses or public figures, but it requires careful handling to avoid spamming and to adhere to Twitter’s terms of service. Since Twitter doesn’t support automated DMs natively, and Circleboom does not offer this feature, you will need to look for other third-party tools that specialize in Twitter automation responsibly.

Popular services like SocialOomph and TweetFull provide functionalities for setting up auto DMs. After choosing a suitable platform, you will need to sign up and connect your Twitter account by authorizing the tool with your login credentials. Through these platforms, you can set up and customize your automated messages. Crafting a message that feels personal and not overly promotional is crucial, as generic messages can deter followers.

It’s also possible to configure specific triggers for sending DMs, such as sending a welcome message to new followers. Monitoring how your audience reacts to these automated messages is important; if the feedback is negative, or if followers find the messages irrelevant or spammy, adjustments will be necessary to maintain a positive engagement.

Finally, always ensure that your use of automated tools complies with Twitter’s automation rules and policies. Twitter frequently updates its guidelines on automated activities to prevent abuse and spam, so staying informed and compliant is essential for maintaining the health and reputation of your Twitter account. Use these tools wisely to enhance your interactions without compromising the authenticity of your communication.

Final Words

Gaining new followers on Twitter is undoubtedly exciting, and staying engaged with them is crucial for building a vibrant online community. However, amidst the flurry of daily notifications, it’s easy to overlook some, potentially missing opportunities to connect with new followers. Thanks to features like Circleboom’s “Who Followed Me,” this challenge is now easily manageable, allowing you to keep abreast of new followers with daily notifications. This ensures you never miss out on engaging with an expanding audience.

When it comes to taking the next step — sending automated direct messages (DMs) — choosing the right third-party tool is essential. Tools like SocialOomph and TweetFull allow for the customization and automation of DMs, fostering better engagement while respecting Twitter’s policies against spam and abuse. Remember, the goal is to enhance interaction without sacrificing personal touch or falling foul of Twitter’s regulations. By effectively managing your new follower notifications and carefully crafting your automated messages, you can maintain a healthy, dynamic Twitter presence that resonates with both new and existing followers.



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