How to use Clubhouse: The ultimate guide to Clubhouse

How to get into the clubhouse app?

You can get and use the shared invitation code by following #Clubhouse hashtags on Twitter.

Alternative Method to Get into Clubhouse App

Having clubhouse invite code posted on Twitter

How to register the clubhouse app after getting the invite code?

Rooms in the Clubhouse App: Areas of Interests

Clubhouse’s biggest asset is the sheer variety of interactions you are capable of having

What kind of conversation is going on here?

The Icons in the Clubhouse App

  • A green icon accompanies the moderators’ profile photos.
  • The confetti icon next to the profile photo indicates that the user entered the app under a week.
  • The microphone indicates the participant’s speaking status on and off signs next to their profile picture.
  • On the conversation room screen, you can see user profile pictures. You can view the bios of these users and follow them.
  • In the conversation room, the hand symbol indicates that you want to talk.

Is it like a Podcast?

Is it like Zoom, Google Meet etc., without video?

What does the Clubhouse App offer in the future?

Some marketers may consider this platform having a limited audience to invest in high amounts

A new medium for creating brand awareness

Building trust and grow a sincere community

Influencer marketing with its new form

Clubhouse for Android users: Sad but true; it is not there yet!

How to get into the clubhouse is still ambiguous for Android users

Final Verdict



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