How to manage multiple Twitter accounts from the same space

Who needs more than one Twitter account?

Almost everybody, yes, you heard me right, almost everybody. We can guess that most of you folks reading this right now already have more than one Twitter account. But the others may ask that “Do I really need multiple Twitter accounts?” I will explain Twitter-possible scenarios you may need to use more than one Twitter account.

  • Boosting the sales of your products and services on Twitter
  • Creating the “best” meme account on Twitter
  • Building a social media page such as “sports news” or “best places to visit.”
  • Sharing your “private” tweets on much more minor and anonymous accounts freely
  • Stating controversial opinions without the fear of being charged, especially Twitter denies sharing its users’ data with the governments (click for the privacy policy of Twitter)

Is it okay to have multiple Twitter accounts?

So we know that multiple Twitter accounts may have great use for each individual on their cases. One musk asks, under what conditions? Yes, Twitter is more welcoming to anonymous profiles, side accounts, or impersonation, yet this does not mean you cannot violate the terms of service. It seems like Twitter will defend its anonymous policy despite the harsh critics.

  • Avoid copying every material directly from the existing account; otherwise, it could violate the policy.
  • And be ready for the reporting issues because people will nonetheless report your efforts. So executing the rules stated by Twitter is crucial.

How to post to multiple Twitter accounts?

Keeping all your accounts active and famous is not an easy challenge to overcome. It would be insufficient not to use supportive 3rd party apps that create innovation, automation, and growth around your accounts. It brings us to this topic.

The Bad way:

The most basic and tiring course of operating multiple Twitter accounts is constantly switching between the accounts. Both the mobile app of Twitter and desktop web page allow that, yet it could be pretty frustrating compared to other methods.

The Meh way:

If you are afraid you could forget or miss switching between accounts while using them heavily on the daily routine, you could use a trick. If you open multiple different browsers on the same device or use various devices for your accounts, it is easier to manage them.

The Circleboom way!

Circleboom calculated and examined every problem you could face while posting daily for multiple accounts on Twitter. So, we have an offer that you cannot refuse for everyone.

The Best way of managing multiple Twitter accounts!

If you are going to manage multiple Twitter accounts, you better do it properly. Creating a social media profile and making it popular is not an easy road. That is full of Daily routine tasks, personal/business branding, and boosting interaction with users via engaging content.

Circleboom Twitter User Analytics

User analytics is an excellent way to understand your audience’s Twitter behaviors. Analyzing the user analytics before every step you take, you could reach success for all your Twitter accounts. Circleboom Twitter enables you to get all the data you may need while building up your account.

The editor’s summary

In this journey, we have witnessed the details of having multiple Twitter accounts to managing them properly step by step to most delicate details. It is pretty common to have a side account for various purposes on Twitter. This does not mean that every user on Twitter fits in terms of the service set by Twitter.

  • These accounts types may vary from official, representative accounts to humor-oriented and private accounts for users seeking more safe and intimate circles to express their feelings and thoughts.
  • It would be best if you always were careful while using impersonation accounts and stated that the account is fake/impersonation in the bio to fit in Twitter Terms of Service policies.
  • Twitter is likely going to defend its policy about fake and bot accounts in the near future as well, but you should always stay connected to catch the new regulations.
  • It is not easy to post different Twitter accounts regularly, there are other methods that provide additional advantages and disadvantages, but the optimal solution we are recommending is Circleboom Publish.
  • The best way to manage multiple Twitter accounts from your computer or phone is Circleboom Twitter Management Tool, without doubt, due to its crucial insight data provider tools that we explained above. With the collaboration of Circleboom Twitter Management Tool and Circleboom Publish, success on multiple Twitter accounts is inevitable.




Computer Scientist on the way! Grad student @MIT I find meaning in Math, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, and Cinema

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Dianne B. Zee

Dianne B. Zee

Computer Scientist on the way! Grad student @MIT I find meaning in Math, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, and Cinema

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