How To Go Live On TikTok: A Step By Step Guide

What Is TikTok LIVE?

Requirements For Going Live On TikTok

  • Tiktok only allows this feature for accounts with over 1,000 followers. Those with fewer followers can try their luck, but it might not work.
  • Creators must be at least age 16 for legal reasons and can only earn money if aged 18 and up, per the platform’s community guidelines.
Requirements to go live on TikTok.

TikTok LIVE: Key Features To Note

  • Go LIVE together: People can “go live” simultaneously, fostering more authentic and funny moments.
  • Q&A: A special suite of tools help creators seamlessly select, answer, or showcase questions during the event.
  • Live Events notifications: Hosts can promote, schedule, and manage live events like concerts. Notifications will alert fans before the event, so they don’t miss the action.
  • Gifts: What’s in it for hosts? Those over 18 can enjoy LIVE gifts or Diamonds, which are given by viewers and convertible to cash in your PayPal or bank account.
  • Keyword Filters: Hosts — and the person helping manage their event — can prevent or limit bullying and hate comments with up to 200 terms in the keyword filter. This way, everyone can feel more comfortable during the live and prevent potential hate speech.

Here’s How To Set Up And Schedule Your Live

Set up your Live on TikTok.

Pick A Relevant Topic For Your TikTok Live

TikTok Live Tips Best Practices/Tips

  • Great lighting — Grainy just won’t do. It helps to have a good tripod and LED light or ring light set up so your viewers can see what’s happening from start to finish.
  • Eliminate distracting sounds — As much as possible, avoid livestreaming while there’s ongoing construction or loud background noises. Consider a microphone with noise isolation or moving to a quieter area.
  • Pick a good camera angle — Record in a room with a clean and solid background. Set your device on a stable surface, like a table, and pick a flattering camera angle. Note that TikTok’s software is optimized for vertical focus.
  • Test your internet connection — The last thing you want is a choppy live session. Double (or triple) check your connection speed before the event.
  • Come up with a general plan — Awkward moments happen, but you can avoid long pauses and extend the duration of your livestream by writing down a few bullets of what you’ll do. Have an outline or a general idea of what the video will look like from start to finish. (Tip: Avoid a formal script since that defeats the purpose of connecting with viewers organically.)
  • Cross-promote on other platforms — Not all your followers are on TikTok, but inviting them to the platform can make a big difference. Use Facebook, Instagram, and your other social platforms to announce your TikTok LIVE event.




Computer Scientist on the way! Grad student @MIT I find meaning in Math, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, and Cinema

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Dianne B. Zee

Dianne B. Zee


Computer Scientist on the way! Grad student @MIT I find meaning in Math, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, and Cinema