How to Get Twitter to Unlock Your Twitter Account

Why has Twitter Locked your Account?

You’re underage:

Twitter suspects that your account has been compromised:

You’ve violated a Twitter rule:

Someone has report abused you on Twitter:

Aggressive use of Twitter features:

How to Unlock your Twitter Account?

Other ways to unlock your Twitter Account:

  • Fill the Twitter Appeal form: Twitter appeal form can help you lockout your Twitter account if it has been locked because of violation of Twitter policies or any other reason unknown.
  • Contact Twitter support: You can even message Twitter Support on their Twitter profile to get your issues resolved.
  • Submit a ticket: This Twitter link has several links to submit a ticket for any specific issue. If you’re sure that you’re locked out of Twitter for which reasons, select your cause and submit a ticket.



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Dianne B. Zee

Dianne B. Zee

Computer Scientist on the way! Grad student @MIT I find meaning in Math, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, and Cinema