How to Get Twitter to Unlock Your Twitter Account

Dianne B. Zee
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Twitter has made its mission to clean Twitter of every account that violates their policy even minutely. This has resulted in many Twitter accounts being locked and now you are wondering how to unlock your Twitter account?

Well, you might or might not be at fault if your Twitter account has been locked. There are several scenarios that can result in Twitter locking your account completely or partially. Let’s look at the causes and how you can get Twitter to unlock your account.

Why has Twitter Locked your Account?

You feel you’ve done everything right still Twitter has locked you out? Maybe this list might help you to find out what went wrong. Here are some of the most common reasons that can make Twitter to lock an account:

You’re underage:

Twitter has locked out many Twitter accounts for being under-age. Twitter age ban locks out all the account that appeared to have created the account below the age of 13.

Twitter suspects that your account has been compromised:

Any indication of a security threat to your Twitter account like unusual sign-in, new device/location/IP can make Twitter believe that your account has been compromised.

You’ve violated a Twitter rule:

Twitter rules need to be strictly followed if you want to avoid any problems with your Twitter account. Violating Twitter rules like publishing prohibited content or hateful content can land you in trouble.

Whether you’re an individual or a brand, it’s in best interest to go through the Twitter rules and policies.

Someone has report abused you on Twitter:

If you’ve been posting content that targets a particular community, demographic, nationality, or an individual, there’s a high chance of Twitter users report abusing you. This may also result in Twitter partially locking your Twitter account.

Aggressive use of Twitter features:

Twitter features like follow, unfollow, retweet are all made to enhance the experience of every Twitter user and to build a network. But, using bots or apps or aggressively following/unfollowing accounts on Twitter can make Twitter to lock your account.

How to Unlock your Twitter Account?

In the most simplest and majority of the cases, you can get your Twitter account by just following these steps:

Step #1: Look for the message that warns Your Twitter Account has been locked when you login to your Twitter account.

Step #2: Tap or click Start.

Step #3: Twitter will ask for your phone number to verify your account. Enter your phone number that you have linked to your Twitter account.

Step #4: You will receive a message or a verification call. Enter the verification code and click on Submit.

Step #5: Twitter will process your request. They will also send you an email with the instructions to unlock your account.

Other ways to unlock your Twitter Account:

The basic process above should help you with unlocking your Twitter account. If, for whatsoever reason, you still see that your Twitter account or its features are locked, you can:

  • Fill the Twitter Appeal form: Twitter appeal form can help you lockout your Twitter account if it has been locked because of violation of Twitter policies or any other reason unknown.
  • Contact Twitter support: You can even message Twitter Support on their Twitter profile to get your issues resolved.
  • Submit a ticket: This Twitter link has several links to submit a ticket for any specific issue. If you’re sure that you’re locked out of Twitter for which reasons, select your cause and submit a ticket.

I hope all the methods stated above will help you with unlocking your Twitter account. You can also look at some of our other help blogs on Twitter login or suspension issues below:

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