How to delete all retweets on iPhone (in one go!)

How to delete retweets on iPhone?

#1 Delete retweets on iPhone selectively
Circleboom Twitter iOS App
You can delete your likes, tweets, and replies!
Enjoy advanced filtering options of Circleboom
You can sort your retweets to easily find the ones you want to delete
Find the retweets with specific keywords!
That’s easy to delete retweets on iPhone!

#2 Delete all ReTweets

You can delete all your retweets using Circleboom’s Twitter archive feature
Enjoy various filtering options while deleting retweets on iPhone!
  • Date: In your Twitter archive file, you may choose dates and delete retweets from a specific period by selecting the “Start Date” and “End Date.”
  • Specific keyword: To find retweets that contain a particular hashtag, mentions, or keyword, use the free text search box.
  • Language: You can also delete retweets in a specific language. You should select the desired language in the language box to filter it.
  • Media Type: You can use this filter to delete retweets with or without media attached to them.

Wrapping Up



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