How do people have more than 10,000 tweets?

Dianne B. Zee
4 min readMay 15, 2024



There are many people on X (formally Twitter) that has more than 10,000 tweets.

How can I know?

Let me show you:

I use Circleboom to conduct advanced account search on Twitter.

It has advanced filters to make your search results narrowed.

Twitter Advanced Search

Did you see that there is a filter for tweet numbers. You can set minimum and maximum tweet numbers of targeted Twitter accounts.

I selected minimum 10,000 — maximum 11,000 tweets for accounts who use the keyword “bitcoin” in their bios, profiles, and tweets. The result is:

List of Twitter accounts

This helps me find authority Twitter/X users on any topic with lots of helpful content.

I can easily create a Twitter list with them. I can filter just verified ones, for example.

Anyway, when I analyse these accounts, I see that they share lots of posts daily. Most of them manage this by automating their tweets with RSS Feeds.

What is RSS Feed?

Firstly, RSS serves as a format designed to deliver content automatically to users, eliminating the need for them to manually check your website or blog for updates.

Once you’ve established an RSS feed for your content, your audience can integrate it into their RSS readers, enabling them to receive automatic updates whenever new content is posted. Utilizing RSS feeds on social media platforms is an effective method to maintain active accounts and expand the reach of your blog materials.

This ensures that your posts receive visibility and spares users the inconvenience of checking your website regularly for fresh content. RSS feeds are equally beneficial for recipients, offering an uninterrupted stream of content, including the latest updates, blogs, and more, to those seeking a continuous flow of information.

How to connect RSS Feed to Twitter

There are some tools to connect an RSS Feed to Twitter. This way, you can automate tweeting for multiple accounts in one place.

My choice is Circleboom!

Follow these steps to post RSS Feeds to Twitter with Circleboom!

Step#1: First, you need to log into your Circleboom Publish account with your Twitter profile.

It will take only a few seconds to log in to Circleboom.

Circleboom login

Step#2: Navigate to the left and select “Connect a new RSS Feed”

You will be directed to where you can add your RSS Feeds.

Connect RSS Feed

Step #3: Copy and paste your RSS feed URL into the URL box stated in the first red box below. You can add your website’s RSS feed to Twitter if you have one.

You can also look for other RSS feeds blogs, news sites, other publishers in your niche, or those who create content you wish to share. Then, copy the RSS feed link, and add it here.


Name: Also, give the feed a title so you can recognize it later in the section called name. You can add beginning and end texts to standardize the intro texts of the auto-post RSS feed.

Check the feed: After choosing the intervals to check the feed automatically, max posts per update and daily maximum post counts, save these preferences.

Max posts per update & Daily maximum post: Circleboom does not submit all RSS feed updates at once to avoid spam. Each post per interval is automatically spaced 2 minutes apart. Circleboom can spread your posts over 6 minutes if you choose three posts per cycle. This automation rule prevents you from being a spammer.

Pro Tip

If you want to use URLs in your tweets, turn on the share URLs function as seen below.

Pro Tip

If you have another RSS link to add, repeat the same process by clicking on the + Add an RSS feed now button.

Now, I guess you understand how many people have more than 10,000 tweets.

Final Words

People can have more than 10,000 tweets by consistently posting on Twitter over an extended period of time, engaging with their followers, participating in conversations, sharing relevant content, and possibly using automated scheduling tools to maintain a consistent presence on the platform.



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