How can I get a list of the top tweets on a particular hashtag?

Dianne B. Zee
3 min readMay 30, 2023


How can I get a list of the top tweets on a particular hashtag?

I want to start with explaning what it means “top tweets”!

When someone says top tweets, it is meant the most liked tweets. So, if you want to find your top tweets, you can look at your most liked tweets!

So, the top tweets on a particular hashtag mean the most liked tweets posted with a specific hashtag.

How can you get a list of the top tweets on a particular hashtag?

Is that even possible?

Yes, it is!

You should use a Twitter hashtag tracker to find the top tweets for a particular hashtag.

I can recommend Circleboom Twitter’s Hashtag/Keyword Tracker to find tweets, users, profiles, bios, etc. used with particular hashtags and keywords.

You can find users who use specific hashtags in their tweets. Then, visit their profiles, check their top tweets.

How to track hashtags and keywords with Circleboom Twitter

You can follow these steps to track hashtags on Circleboom:

Step#1: First, go to Circleboom Twitter and log in with your active email address.

If you don’t have a Circleboom account yet, you get it in almost no time!

Circleboom Twitter

Step#2: When you log in to Circleboom, continue and authorize the dashboard with your Twitter account.

The whole process will be completed in seconds, nothing more!

Circleboom Twitter login

Step#3: On the left-hand menu, first go for the “Search” and then “Live Search” to perform a Twitter hashtag search or a Twitter keyword search.

Both Twitter hashtag tracker and Twitter keyword tracker is available in the same dashboard!

Live Search

Step#4: Now, you can type any keyword or hashtag to continue applying your hashtag or keyword tracking.

The live hashtag tracker will prompt the results immediately.

Track hashtags and keywords

Circleboom will provide you with real-time search results when new tweets and people join the related hashtag or keyword you are tracking.

Each time you search for a hashtag, you will get different results from the current Twitter feed. You should track hashtags or keywords on Twitter regularly to reach your target audience.

Find users who used specific hashtags and keywords

You can also watch this video and find out more details:

Be Master of Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags are crucial for a successful Twitter strategy. So, you should find relevant and popular hashtags for your tweets to be ranked high!

Circleboom’s Twitter Hashtag Generator helps you find and add related hashtags for your tweets easily and quickly.

With these hashtags, you can amplify your tweets and boost your impressions and engagement!


Is it possible to track particular hashtags on Twitter?

Yes, it is!

You can utilize Circleboom’s Hashtag and Keyword Tracker and find out Twitter users who used specific keywords and hashtags in their profiles, bios, names, and tweets.

Then, you can visit their profiles and find these tweets. The most liked ones are the top tweets.



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