3 ways to stalk on Instagram or view Instagram anonymously

#1 Create a Finsta account:

Finsta account is actually a fake Instagram account that you can create to stalk without complications. Basically, desperate times call for desperate measures. And, it might seem pretty desperate to create another account, it’s the easiest way out.

#2 Use a third-party website:

#3 Use your friend’s account:

If you’re only interested in a one-time stalking event, you can also ask your friends or colleagues for their help. Ask them if you can view someone’s account using their profile, something they will most likely agree to if they trust you. So, if it’s just a one-time thing, this is the simplest way to get your job done.

Stalk but only if it’s not harmful:

Our final tip for everyone reading this is that make sure your stalking on Instagram is not harmful to you or anyone else. Only do it if it’s like a fun thing or something temporary, but don’t make it a habit. Respect the privacy everyone deserves and if you need to see someone anonymously on Instagram, understand that it’s not worth your or their time.



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Dianne B. Zee

Dianne B. Zee


Computer Scientist on the way! Grad student @MIT I find meaning in Math, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, and Cinema