15 Twitter analytics tools to skyrocket your follower stats!

15 Twitter analytics tools to skyrocket your follower stats!

Best Twitter Analytics Tools to use in 2022

#1 Circleboom Twitter

One of the most comprehensive Twitter analytics tools on the market appears to be Circleboom Twitter. That’s why several well-known businesses like Netflix, Bayer, Roche, UN News, BBC News, and UNICEF are on Circleboom’s reference list.

Twitter analytics tools, Twitter management tool
Circleboom Twitter is one of the most comprehensive Twitter analytics tools with its outstanding features.
Circleboom Twitter
Circleboom Twitter management tool helps you to identify fake, spammer, inactive accounts, and non-followers within seconds.
Twitter management tool, Twitter analytics tools
You can get detailed insights about your audience with Circleboom Twitter’s interest cloud feature.
Filter by language
Filter your audience by language
Twitter analytics tools, Twitter management tool, Twitter optimization tools
With Circleboom Twitter, being one of the best Twitter analytics tools, you can find out the specific best time to tweet for your audience.

#2 Union Metrics (Listen by Brandwatch)

Union Metrics is one of the great Twitter Analytics tools that will assist you in keeping track of your profile and its performance. It has thorough profile analysis, keyword tracking, campaign monitoring, and competitor analysis, among its features.

Union Metrics

#3 Brandwatch Consumer Research

When it comes to Twitter, Brandwatch Consumer Research is one of the highly effective Twitter analytics tools.

Brandwatch consumer research

#4 SocialBakers

Socialbakers is another popular Twitter management tool that comes with a number of handy features for gathering and displaying Twitter account analytics. In comparison to other Twitter analytics tools, Socialbaker offers an easy-to-use interface.

Social bakers

#5 RivalIQ

Rival IQ is a Twitter management tool that provides competitive analyses and social media benchmarks. The tool allows you to monitor social postings, hashtags, popular subjects, optimal times to publish, and competitors from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


#6 Keyhole

Keyhole, formerly only a Twitter analytics tool for hashtag and chat, is currently a multi-feature service that helps you to monitor your Twitter account, track your business and competitors on Twitter, and even discover influencers.


#7 Agorapulse

The Twitter report from Agorapulse includes detailed information on all of the critical metrics about tweets, likes, retweets, and mentions. It also provides you a brand awareness score based on the number of your username’s mentions and listening searches for your brand name during a set period.


#8 SocialPilot

SocialPilot is one of the most well-known Twitter analytics tools that allow you to learn more about your audience. It displays trending hashtags, the number of people who have interacted with your posts, and your best-performing content.


#9 Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite Analytics provides real-time data on your essential Twitter metrics. It also allows you to export and share customizable reports with your team and customers.


#10 Sprout Social

Sprout Social allows you to get a high-level overview of your Twitter profiles and gain insight into message-level Twitter analytics such as clicks, Retweets, and reach.

Sprout Social

#11 Audiense

Besides Audiense’s Twitter management tool features like creating a chatbot to reply to your DM’s and follow and unfollow in bulk, and send tweets to your audience, it also has analytics features.


#12 ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter Twitter management tool provides you with a brief snapshot of your fundamental current account stats. You may also see a graph showing how your followings and followers, tweets, and popularity have changed over time.

Manage Filter

#13 Commun.it

With Commun.it, you can track your performance by monitoring essential KPIs like followers growth, engagement, mentions, and reach. Also, it helps you to keep an eye on your competitors, their followers, influencers, and stats.


#14 Buffer

Buffer provides detailed social analytics and audience insights to help you optimize your social media influence.


#15 Twitter Analytics

Twitter’s native tool, Twitter Analytics, provides you a 28-day overview of your Twitter profile, covering statistics such as total tweets, new followers, profile visits, and mentions. You can see your top tweets, followers, mentions with the highest impressions, top media posts and Twitter Cards.

Twitter Analytics

Why tracking Twitter analytics is important?

It’s a challenging task to perfect your Twitter marketing strategy such that it meets your business goals. You need to know your target audience, create engaging content, optimize your keyword and hashtag strategy and be careful about the best times to post on Twitter.

Is Twitter’s native tool, Twitter Analytics, sufficient?

You might be wondering whether you need additional Twitter analytics tools while Twitter has its native analytics tool. The answer depends on your unique needs.

Twitter impressions
Tracking conversions

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that you need to build your Twitter marketing strategy on data-driven insights. You should know who your audience is and their preferences and expectations.




Computer Scientist on the way! Grad student @MIT I find meaning in Math, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, and Cinema

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Dianne B. Zee

Dianne B. Zee

Computer Scientist on the way! Grad student @MIT I find meaning in Math, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, and Cinema

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